GEA President Bill Lewis

A Message From Bill Lewis

					Members All, 
					I hope you and your families are all doing well. I know some of you are still struggling 
					with illnesses but I certainly hope that everyone is on the road to recovery.

					Unfortunately, after all your efforts thus far, our Georgia Elk Family is not doing well as a whole.  
					We are near 500 members short this year. We are SECOND highest in the nation on delinquents. I am 
					asking each lodge to make at least one more effort to contact your delinquent members before the end 
					on this month (the end of our lodge year). 
					I know you may be thinking that you have done all you can do to get them back at this point. 
					Make another phone call (using a phone call tree or anything that works) and think about the following: 
						Many of your delinquent members joined as "Social Members" and do not realize how important 
						their dues are in supporting their "Local" communities especially during these trying times. 
						Most all lodges have changes in officers and some members may return after learning the 
						names of the new officers. 
						Entice them to come back and get involved with the many ENF activities. 
						Develop new programs that they may express an interest in if they return. 
						Make personal contacts, not just email, text, letters, etc. 
						Many members say they have not heard from anyone at their lodge. 
						Please do not let this be one of your lodge members! 
					Also, this is the last month to get ALL of your candidates for membership initiated. Make an extra 
					effort to get your candidates indoctrinated / oriented and initiated before the end of our lodge year 
					(this month). 
					It does not have to be done at a lodge meeting. The initiation does not have be done by your lodge 
					officers. You can use your own lodge initiation team or invite another lodge to bring in their team. 
					The main thing is to GET IT DONE and do not leave any potential member on the books in Georgia that 
					could have helped in your membership and the GEA membership efforts. 
					Last, but certainly not least, I and all the GEA Officers and Committee Chairs, thank you for the 
					efforts made so far this year in so many areas. However, the GEA year is not up yet! 
					We have our upcoming - 
					DD/Leadership Training, April 16-17 
					"Membership Blitz / Family Day" in May 
					Annual G.E.A. Convention, June 10-13 at Jekyll Island 
					Please plan to support the GEA and attend all of these events to make us stronger in Georgia and 
					revitalize our community efforts. 
					The GEA and your lodge and your communities need our help now more than ever! 
					Bill Lewis, President
					Georgia Elks Association