Georgia Elks Auxiliary

Georgia Elks Auxiliary 2017 - 2018 President Harriet Thompson

A Message From President Harriet Thompson

				Dear Auxiliary Members,

				I am very honored to serve as your President this year. I have had a passion and a 
				love for the Ladies Auxiliary and Aidmore for a long time. Our theme this year is 
				"New Beginnings Happen at Aidmore". We are responsible for new beginnings 
				in the lives of many children and young adults. Though we do not take this task lightly, 
				I believe we sometimes fail to realize the impact and significance we make in their 
				lives through our programs at Aidmore, Inc.  We have a great state project in 
				Georgia and should be proud of what we do.  We now have such an outreach and impact 
				beyond our home at Aidmore with four foster centers that span the state: Conyers, 
				Valdosta, Savannah, and Dalton.  These centers are set to grow as foster care is 
				needed more than ever in Georgia.  Be proud of what we do. The auxiliary members 
				around the state of Georgia make these programs exist. For a lot of young people 
				it is "A NEW BEGINNING" because of Aidmore. 
				Remember "New Beginnings" Happen at Aidmore 




2017 - 2018 Officers

President - Harriet Thompson

President Elect - Mickie Emmett

Northwest Vice President - Charlotte Johnson PSP

Southeast Vice President - Heather Hickey

Southwest Vice President - Mary Clements PSP

Northeast Vice President - Leonell Alligood

Corresponding Secretary - Petite Yost PSP

Recording Secretary - Kathy Carpenter

Treasurer - Martha Radford

Parliamentarian - Amy McCrary PSP

Chaplain - Dannie Anderson

Advisor - Pam Stewart PSP


Committees For 2017 - 2018



Diane Milling, Chairman

Teresa Parker, NE

Peggy Jones, NW

Sandy Fambro, SW

Deborah Johnson, SE

Saundra Abel PSP, Advisor


Eula Rupert PSP, Chairman

Cindy Estle, NE

Peggy Rhodes PSP, NW

Donna Rosier, SW

Almeta Cash, SE

Petite Yost PSP, Advisor


Chris Somerindyke PSP, Chairman

Mickie Emmett, NE

Pat Harper PSP, NW

Pat Craven, SW

Heather Hickey, SE

Dixie Spiker PSP, Advisor


Mickie Emmett, Chairman

Phyllis Moccio, NE

Cheryl McDaniel PSP, NW

Margie Jones, SW

Mary Ann Goodrich, SE

Pam Stewart PSP, Advisor

Drug Awareness

Sue Sneed, Chairman

Penny Blakeney, NE

Sandy Miles, NW

Marty Britt, SW

Shirley May, SE

Mary Clements PSP, Advisor

Horse Shoes

Nancy Strickland PSP, Chairman

Kathy Carpenter, NE

Dodie Doss, NW

Mary-Louise Clements PSP, SW

Jenny Taylor, SE

Sandra Regan PSP, Advisor

National Service

Miriam Wheeler, Chairman

Adrian Capes, NE

Barbara Miller PSP, NW

Teresa Trantum, SW

Liz Harper, SE

Ruth Hall PSP, Advisor


Dianne Stevens PSP, Chairman

Lorriane Webb, NE

Barbara Miller PSP, NW

Mary Clements PSP, SW

Sandra Abel PSP, SE

Charlotte Johnson PSP, Advisor